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Nature Bound Pools and Spas is one of the GTA’s leading fiberglass pool specialists, proudly offering full pool installations, custom backyard design, landscaping, and maintenance services.


We are pool Experts

Founded in 1979, Nature Bound Pools and Spas is one of the oldest fiberglass pool companies serving Ontario. For the past 40+ years, we have prided ourselves on transforming the lives – and backyards – of our clients by making their own slice of paradise affordable, accessible, and of the utmost quality. As a grand dealer of Latham’s high standard fiberglass pools, we aim to bring you peace of mind that your new oasis will be as dependable as it is relaxing with the best warranty in North America. But we don’t stop there: as a family run business we understand the importance of a client first approach, which means we don’t rest until you do. We’re in the business of making backyard dreams come true. Let us show you how we can help make yours a reality.

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At Nature Bound, we’re here to make sure you choose the right fibreglass pool for you and your family. We help you work with factors like budget, space, and style to ensure that you find the perfect fit from our extensive catalog of premium Latham pools.
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Why Choose Fiberglass?

Fiberglass pools have many advantages over other pool options: they are cost  effective, faster to install, and more durable than the alternatives Let’s break it  down for you.


Other pool alternatives can tear, whereas a fiberglass pool will maintain its flawless facade over time. Fiberglass is also much easier to clean – think of the effort needed to scrub tile grout versus the smooth veneer of a bathtub. ​


Concrete pools are prone to cracking and have a much rougher surface in comparison to the smooth feel of a fiberglass pool, which helps avoid scratches on hands & feet as well as algae growth for a more enjoyable swimming experience.


Because fiberglass pools are natural insulators, they hold heat for longer. The reduced need for chemicals and energy consumption means a smaller footprint on the environment and your wallet!


With a fiberglass pool you won’t have to factor in future upkeep expenses -- like resurfacing -- when estimating the total cost. A fiberglass pool also requires 30% less chlorine to keep your pool clean so you can get all of the enjoyment of your backyard without the tedious and expensive maintenance that often accompanies other types of pools.

How We Work

Our Process

Our team will lead you through Nature Bound’s custom process to help you create the bespoke pool and landscape experience you have always dreamt about.